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Monday, December 3, 2012

Away SMS Android Application is up!

After a long wait, Away SMS is live on the Google Play Store!

My application is Away SMS and it is an Android App that promotes safe driving and hands off usage. My app automatically sends a pre configured text message to the sender of an incoming text message. The text message can be edited and saved by the user. The app will also speak the number or contact name of the sender and the body of the incoming message. Toggle buttons are used to toggle the services on and off by the user.

My project is based on an App Inventor Tutorial called No Texting While Driving. While the app was very basic, it provided a good way to learn about the different services and capabilities that Android has to offer. I decided that I wanted to create the app using Java and the Android SDK. I wanted to see how it would translate to the proper Android Development environment and if it would have the same result.

My project is very close to the second tutorial offered by App Inventor and I will continue to add more functionality. I also believe that reading contacts off the phone would not have been possible on App Inventor and thus would have left out a key feature in the app of speaking the incoming message sender.

I used Eclipse, Java, and the Android SDK to make my application. I used my previous familiarity with Android but had to research a lot in order to get to the needed APIs and to learn how to get everything working.

Since this is an Open Source class, I am offering the source code to my application and allowing users to modify and use it as they wish. My application is also available on the Google Play Store on a donation basis for $0.99 for users who just wish to install the app quickly.

I believe this allows myself to be compensated for my past and future work, allows developers to look at my source and compile it, and promotes safe driving and Open Source Software.

I hope if people do use my source code that they expand on it, add new functionality, and share it as I have.

Please buy the application and support my development on the app!


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