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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Aim Low Series - The LG Leon LTE Review

What sets smartphones apart from each other nowadays? Is it the camera? Is it the screen?  That might seem like the obvious answers to you if you’re reading this review. But for most people, its the price. People are looking for value and quality in a smartphone and for a long time it was only available in the high end models. This, of course, comes at premium. Technology is advancing to a point where innovation at the high end segment improves the experience at the low end segment. A rising tide lifts all boats as they say. Performance is improving, build quality is increasing, and, most importantly, cost is decreasing.

Over the next few weeks I will review the best budget phones T-Mobile has to offer. These phones are new, different, and less expensive than what I used you and I are used to. Forget about the iPhone and the S6 and take a look at what you can get for a fraction of the cost. You may not get the best of the best but you will get best of the rest. And who knows, it may just surprise you.

This is the LG Leon LTE Review.