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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Android Mini PC: The Next Tech Revolution?

After a Christmas delay, I'm back with another article! Thanks for reading my previous article on The Gingerbread Problem.

With streaming devices like the Roku, Apple TV, and Google TV set top boxes highly available, it seems that consumers have a lot of choice when it comes to consuming media. These devices allow users to stream and rent video from many different services but have very limited app selection, can be expensive, and each have their own drawbacks and limitations.

But what if I told you that was about to change? That there is a growing market in the tech industry just around the corner that can very well shape the landscape the way tablets did?

A device that has all the internals that a Android phone/tablet has but with no screen. What it does have is a HDMI output that allows it to connect to your existing HD television. All while running on the latest version of Android with a dual core processor and smaller than any set top box on the market.

The asking price?

A mere $60 USD.

This is an Android Mini PC. A device that makes your dumb HDTV into a Smart HDTV. A device capable of vast media playback and support for over 700,000 Android applications. An Android device without the screen.

A device filled with endless possibilities. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Gingerbread Problem

Android is becoming an unstoppable force in mobile phones all over the world. Over 1.3 million devices are being activated on a daily basis and shows no signs of slowing down.

But what if I told you that over 50% of active devices are running a version of the Android OS that is 2 years old? Considered ancient by technology standards.

That 50% of devices are two major software revisions behind and one behind that completely changes that way we view Android?

What if I told you that you can get a new iPhone (4S or 5) but it won't come with Siri, a better camera app, an enhanced notification center, and better performance?

This is a problem that new Android users are facing today if they don't look into what they are buying. While Gingerbread isn't as prevalent in phones in stores today, being stuck on a phone that won't be upgraded will result in the same problem .

But let's take a step back and see how and why this happened.

Minor Updates, Posting Articles, Happy Holidays!

I will be releasing minor updates to Away SMS within this week. Just bug fixes.

I have decided to create some original Android articles based on current trends, news, events, and features. The first will be The Gingerbread Problem and I hope to post at least 2 a week. These are meant to be informative and to help users on understanding Android. I will write about things that interest me and that I feel are important. I hope you enjoy it.

- Gus
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Minor Update to Away Sms

There was an issue loading the menu. The menu was deactivated for the time being. Re tested on Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Away SMS Android Application is up!

After a long wait, Away SMS is live on the Google Play Store!

My application is Away SMS and it is an Android App that promotes safe driving and hands off usage. My app automatically sends a pre configured text message to the sender of an incoming text message. The text message can be edited and saved by the user. The app will also speak the number or contact name of the sender and the body of the incoming message. Toggle buttons are used to toggle the services on and off by the user.

My project is based on an App Inventor Tutorial called No Texting While Driving. While the app was very basic, it provided a good way to learn about the different services and capabilities that Android has to offer. I decided that I wanted to create the app using Java and the Android SDK. I wanted to see how it would translate to the proper Android Development environment and if it would have the same result.